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Feb 25, 2015

We're excited to have Julie Daniluk on today's show. She is a nutritionist and is the best selling author of the book Meals That Heal Inflammation. You will hear Julie's passion and energy through your ear buds as she breaks down inflammation and how to keep it at bay. We also dive into an array of other health topics that will leave you informed, entertained and inspired.

In this episode, we discuss:

Julie's health journey from being sick to thriving
Julie's inspiration to share her health message with the world
Inflammation in the body can be good or bad, depending on...
How to tell if you're inflamed and why you may not have any pain
Cruciferous vegetables are great for regulating inflammation and hormones
Regulate inflammation, boost mood and balance hormones with Omega-3s
Are raw cruciferous vegetables good for you?
A few strategies for making cruciferous vegetables more digestible
Nightshades can cause inflammation in your body
The sulphur in MSM is excellent for rebuilding your joint tissue
Supplements have a role in reducing inflammation
When it comes to fats, it's all about balancing the different types
The reasons hemp seed is Julie's fave superfood
Zinc is great for protecting the prostate, testosterone production & boosting libido, in men
Fried foods may be causing the pain in your body
Why kids don't naturally like eating greens
A couple of neat tricks to keep your cooking oil safe when stir frying
Losing weight is all about hormones, stop counting calories
The newest research is showing a calorie is not a calorie
Julie's morning routine

Links to things we mentioned:

Julie Daniluk's website
Meals That Heal Inflammation (Julie's first book)
Slimming Meals That Heal (Julie's second book)
Julie's Instagram account
Feingold Association of the United States
Meghan Telpner
Omica Organics MSM capsules
Plant Based Meal Plan Made Easy, Delicious, and Fast! (Marni's recipes)
Fastest Spinach Soup EVER! (recipe)
Sunbiotics - Probiotic Chocolate Bar

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