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Feb 18, 2015

On today's show, we are speaking with Jordan Harbinger, the co-founder of The Art of Charm. His podcast teaches you the skills you need to be successful in your personal life and in business. The show is directed at men but women can apply a lot of this knowledge too. The Art of Charm also hosts in-person bootcamps to really take your social skills to the next level.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • What is The Art of Charm (AOC) and how it has grown over the years?
  • How Jordan went from lawyer to co-founder of AOC
  • Why people skills matter most
  • Following your passion doesn't always equal success
  • Common success cliches and do they hold value
  • With the explosion of personal growth media, where do we start?
  • It's essential to balance consumption with creation of information
  • Coming up with new ideas isn't the problem
  • The importance of mentorship and coaching
  • You only go as high as your five closest friends
  • Digital connection doesn't replace personal connection
  • We are evolved to trust people based strongly on non-verbal communication
  • Solid sleep is essential for health
  • Society as a whole is addicted to caffeine
  • Why you don't need college
  • A simple drill you can do at home to improve your body language

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