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Feb 10, 2015

On today's show, we are speaking with real food advocate, Vani Hari (Food Babe). She is on a mission to keep our food products free of artificial dyes, flavourings and sweeteners. Vani is also anti GMOs, antibiotics in meats, chemicals, food additives and preservatives. Her activism has lead to big changes in the food industry, positively influencing companies such as Subway, Kraft and Starbucks.

In this episode, we discuss:

Vani's health journey from childhood to sickness and now thriving
How did the name Food Babe and the Food Babe Army come to be?
The growth of Vani's blog and her first taste of activism
How Vani was able to get a chemical found in yoga mats removed from Subway bread in North America
The push back Vani has gotten from companies such as Kraft and Starbucks
You must become an ingredient label expert and if you don't know an ingredient then put the product down
How the word "natural" is unregulated
The scary truth about over processed, fake veggie products
You will feel better by ditching the processed foods
Packaged foods can be good for you
Cooking with coconut oil over olive oil
Grass fed butter and ghee are healthy fats in the kitchen

Links to things we mentioned:

Vani's website (Food Babe)
The Food Babe Way (book)
Gabriel Cousens M.D. - Spiritual Nutrition (book)
Yellow Barn Dynamic Pasta Sauce
Late July Snacks
Food For Life - Ezekiel Bread
Tolerant Pasta
Dr. Mark Hyman

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