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Feb 2, 2015

On today's show, we are speaking with Ricki Heller, a natural health expert who promotes a plant-based diet. She has a strong focus on candida and just released a new book titled Living Candida-Free. During the interview she really distills down her vast knowledge on candida and explains how to keep your level in check.

In this episode, we discuss:

Ricki's health journey & struggle with candida
What is candida?
Sugar, birth control, antibiotics, stress and other causes candida overgrowth
Common symptoms of an overgrowth
How to check for candida at home (for free)
Stevia and xylitol are safe for people on an anti-candida diet
It's possible to reverse low bone density through diet and supplementation
The one supplement everyone on a plant-based diet needs to take
Coconut oil can kill candida
It's possible to live a normal life with candida

Links to things we mentioned:

Ricki Heller's website
Living Candida-Free (book)
Ricki's Instagram
TUHP 017: Sugar Addiction, Say Goodbye To Aspartame, Balance Your Blood Sugar
Breaking the Vicious Cycle
Coconut Brittle (recipe)
Andrea Nakayama
Ellen Abraham - Simple Treats (book)

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