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Dec 31, 2014

Today we are speaking with longevity & superfood expert, David Avocado Wolfe. He has been an integral part of the current health and wellness movement. David travels the world sharing his health message, inspiring others to live the best life ever!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The health benefits of various colour pigments
  • How modern science has things backwards
  • Carmel colouring in processed foods is a carcinogen
  • How nature likes to fake the colour blue
  • Nobody has truly blue eyes
  • Foods that are contain a true blue pigment
  • How David first got into the alternative health world
  • David's mentors and inspirations
  • David's dietary evolution and what he is currently eating
  • A vegan diet isn't ideal for everyone
  • How to get more superherbs and superfoods into your diet
  • You need more nutrients than what organic fruits and vegetables from the supermarket provide
  • A food that is 40-50 times more concentrated in chlorophyll than wheatgrass
  • Raw chocolate is a delivery system for superherbs
  • Where the health world is going over the next five years
  • David's random "morning routine"
  • Spring water - the best water ever
  • The difference between spring water from the earth vs. purchased plastic bottles
  • Anti-fat diets can lead to neurological problems
  • How to get more energy without using stimulants
  • The power of beets
  • How to naturally eliminate jet lag
  • Grounding to reduce EMF exposure by 100 times
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome and other chronic pains are relived by grounding
  • David's biggest accomplishment and fear
  • The recipe of the elixir David is drinking during the recoding
  • David's desert island food
  • The importance of keeping hydrated

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