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Dec 3, 2014

On today's show, we have a lively interview with health expert, Jason Wrobel. He is a raw, vegan chef with a passion for creating new healthy recipes. Jason combines local organic produce with nutrient rich superfoods to make some of the healthiest and delicious dishes on the planet.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Jason's knack for connecting with people
  • The evolution of Jason's diet
  • Taking your health to the next level with superfoods
  • What foods Jason consumes on a typical day
  • Differentiating between raw foods and living foods
  • Can vegans get enough DHA and EPA?
  • The importance of having our minerals, hormones, nutrients etc. tested
  • The many health benefits of including more raw food into your diet
  • Hydrating with raw foods
  • The health benefits of tonic herbs
  • Why many health gurus are turning to animal products
  • The importance of organic, non-gmo foods
  • The one appliance that will completely change your relationship with healthy eating
  • Jason's morning and nighttime routines
  • Magnesium supplementation for a better night's sleep
  • The health benefits of gorunding mats

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