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Nov 25, 2014

On today's show, we are talking with holistic nutritionist, Samantha Gladish. She is known as the Qualitarian and emphasizes the importance of quality food. As a Holistic Wellness Coach, Sam has helped transform the health of hundreds of people. She is the author of three ebooks and is the creator of a number of holistic body care products including Salty Kisses Toothpaste and Hippie Floss Oil. We dig deep into her vast knowledge of natural oral care.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Sam's health journey
  • The importance of quality when it comes to food
  • Sam's passion for healthy teeth
  • How Sam reversed a cavity
  • How to make your own natural mouthwash
  • How to properly brush your teeth
  • Why you should use an ionic toothbrush
  • Upping your oral care with essential oils
  • Oil pulling - how to and why this is important
  • Making the switch to a holistic dentist
  • Should you have your mercury fillings removed?
  • The issue with root canals
  • The problem with glycerin in natural toothpastes
  • The problems caused by fluoride in conventional toothpastes
  • Nasties to avoid in oral care products such as SLS, parabens and artificial colourings
  • How to properly care for your gums
  • Is it ok to chew natural gum?
  • Vitamins, minerals and foods that help maintain health teeth
  • Does a vegan diet lead to teeth issues?
  • Sam's morning routine

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