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Oct 13, 2017

We have an Australian Shepherd named Goji who's almost 2 years old (bday is Christmas day).

We've spent a lot of time navigating the waters of natural dog health and we're here to distill that information down for you.

We share what Goji eats, drinks, her snacks, hygiene and so much more!

We wish your dog ultimate...

Sep 29, 2017

We got engaged!

Last Sunday, on a canoe, at Point Pelee, to get into the details. Goji was with us too.

This is the story of the day and how things unravelled.

Thanks for all the love ❤️

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Point Pelee National...

Sep 15, 2017

Morning routines are a hot topic in today's health and wellness world.

We feel like we've shared a lot of what we do to start our days on the right foot in other podcast episodes, blog posts, etc.

So instead of rehashing our morning routines... we're here to share what not to do in the morning aka the...

Aug 25, 2017

The grain-free movement is gaining momentum... and for good reason.

By removing grains from your diet your energy, digestion, focus, and wellbeing can all improve.

Taking grains out of your diet doesn’t have to be permanent, even just a temporary break can make a profound difference on your health.

The Ultimate...

Aug 18, 2017

It's common to hear in the self-help circles "you become like the 5 people you spend the most time with."

We believe this to be true!

We're here to inspire you to evaluate the people you're spending time with and to make your friendships more intentional.

Cheers to great friends!

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