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Apr 9, 2019

Dr. Steven Lin (IG: @drstevenlin) is a world leading functional dentist, TEDx speaker and author of the International #1 Amazon Best Selling Book, The Dental Diet.

As a passionate, preventative, whole health-advocate, he focuses on the understanding of dental disease through nutritional principles.

Steven's work has highlighted that crooked teeth and the orthodontia epidemic are diet based problems and the need for public health policy to prevent braces in the next generation of children.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Steven's fascination with teeth and dental health
  • The book that had a profound impact on Steven's career
  • Good dental and oral health starts at birth
  • Checking for tongue tie
  • The impact of breastfeeding on oral health
  • What is Activator X?
  • The difference between vitamin K1 & K2
  • Why we get plaque buildup
  • Vitamin K2 MK-4 vs. MK-7
  • Why you should eat organ meats
  • Oxygen is the most crucial nutrient
  • Get a functional dental exam
  • Vagus nerve function
  • What is stunting the growth of your child's jaw?
  • Snoring (sleep apnea)
  • What is upper airway resistance syndrome?
  • Dietary choices impact tooth sensitivity
  • Oral health & inflammation
  • The Dental Diet foods
  • Preventing tooth decay
  • Steven’s oral care routine

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